Our Story

The Perraners were formed in Perranporth in January 2000 after a singing workshop at Lowender Peran, Cornwall’s inter-celtic festival. We sing unaccompanied in four and five part harmony with the tune rather unusually sung mostly by our tenors. This gives our performances a distinctive and powerful quality.

Our Musical Director, Ian Marshall, has been a music teacher and lecturer most of his life, performing and arranging folk music, playing in local bands and orchestras, and serving as musical director for groups from Plymouth to Perranporth

During the winter months Ian and The Perraners rehearse in the friendly and atmospheric surroundings of Seiner’s Pub, which so closely overlooks the beach that it catches the spray from the occasional sizeable wave! As Perranporth is named after St Piran who reputedly liked his ale, and picking up from the local saying “as drunk as a Perraner”, the name The Perraners seemed very appropriate for a group that insists on meeting in a pub! 

We sing Cornish songs as well as songs the Cornish like to sing.

The Perraners in 2011: