Events & Gigs

If you come to Seiner’s Bar on a Tuesday evening, rumour has it you might be lucky enough to come accross The Perraners in full swing! Indulge in a local ale, settle down, and enjoy. Perhaps we can even persuade you to join in!

We usually have lyric booklets available to buy or borrow on a Tuesday night.

For more info on how to find Seiner’s, visit


Confirmed  Events  &  Dates 


Nov  3rd  Sat  –  Poppy  Appeal  Concert,  St  Agnes  ChurchNov. 

Nov 6th  Tues –  Autumn  Concert  in  Seiners  –  food,  fireworks  &  guests

Nov  24th  Sat  –  Eden  Project – singing at 1pm – (free entry for partner or friend )

Dec  1st  Sat  –  Christmas  Fayre  – Memorial  Hall  –  Meet  12’0clock

Dec  8th  Sat  –  Trelissick  Gardens  Christmas  late  night  opening  5pm – 7.30pm

Dec.  11th Tues –  Memorial  Hall  Carols

(Dec  13th Thurs – for  those  who  are  interested  –  Merritt  Carols  in  the  Chapel

                   Mike  Fairhead  will  organise  practices)

Dec  18th  Tues –  Watering  Hole  Carols

Dec. 20th  Thur  –  Seiners – Carols  in  the  bar


May  7th Tues –  Perraners’  Spring  Sing  in  Seiners  –  food, flowers  &  guests

May  – French  Exchange – Wed 15th to  Sun 18th (Choir  practices  and  Concert  days)

           NB  Dates  to  be  finalised


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